TJ Maxx finds

I have just recently become a lover of TJ Maxx, and it was thanks to this love that inspired me to write my first blog post!

How I started: Obviously I went to the store and shopped! I was able to get there right when they opened and was able to comfortably load up my cart without fear of judgement. After a whopping $150, I had me a variety of items for skin care.

Now, disclaimer- this is for those with oily and sensitive skin and I am just shopping around trying to find cheap steals. I am not a dermatologist and if you know something doesn’t work, don’t do it!

Anyways, what I able to find was: sunscreen, serums, makeup remover, night cream, toners, facial sprays, cleansers, face masks, and lastly eye masks. All together I was able to find roughly 25 items (it’s really 31, but I found some makeup).

My next new posts will be about each individual item and what I used for a night or day routine. Good news, I have already done one for each routine! I will be putting those up soon and maybe pictures (I’m still starting this blog up, so I have a lot more steps to do).

But here is a rough list of what I have:

sunscreen: 2

Serums: 4

makeup remover: 2

night cream: 1

toners: 2

facial spray: 3

cleansers: 2

masks: 6

total: 22

Please stay tune my zero followers as I get this blog in working order!

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