Night Routine 4/1/2019

Before this routine, I took a good hard look at my face. And I noticed several little breakouts all over my face. I have been told that this is from the serums purging my skin, and taking out any dirt and clogging. It probably is also because I am now using more products supposedly good for oily skin. Now, please remember that this is me experimenting with my face. I am just trying out fun finds from TJ Maxx, and saving money at the same time. I have already marked out products that did not do anything for my face.


Step One: Cleanser

Kwailnara Green Tea Deep Cleansing Foam. Smells like tea! Lathers very well on skin, and very creamy. Rinses off evenly and left my skin smooth and clean.

Step Two: Face Mask (I will be doing masks 3x a week to see if this will help with blackheads and pores)

YestoGrapefruit Pore perfection brightening peel. Leave on for 10 minutes. Looks like slime (I momentarily flashback to my job), and smells strongly of-you guessed it- grapefruit! Very thin, only needed to dip fingers in it and spread across face. Slight tingle sensation, but not hurtful. Can’t even tell I am wearing a mask, and it’s orange in the bottle! Side note: shouldn’t it be pink? Can’t even feel it on m face, and I used a wash cloth to wash it off.

Step three: toner

Pearlessence Chamomile and White Tea Hydrating Face Mist. Smells like expensive perfume (But I am not mad about it). Also with the pack of three bottle, so this is bottle #3, and the first bottle was what I had used earlier in the day. Speads evenly when sprayed and dries fast.

Step four: Serum

Pearlessence Hemp Seed Oil. No Smell and has a basic applicator. Can be used with or without moisturizer. Has a greasy feel, but it spreads over skin well. I let it sit for several minutes before going on to last steps.

Step five and six are the same as from before. Eye Cream was same from this morning, and night cream is the same from the night before. I will continue to do night cream to see if I notice any difference.

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