Morning Routine 4/1/2019

April Fools! Skin care is no joke! Here is my first real day routine, and it has slightly more steps than the night one. (Sidenote: I did not put on makeup today, as I knew today was the day I would exploring and working on my blog).

Here is what I have: Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, and two bonus items! It looks kinda intimidating….. But on I go!

Step one: Cleanser– I used the same cleanser as the from the night before (So no pic). So my opinion is still the same for it. I love it! I can’t get over how smooth my skin feels after using it.

Step two: toner

Pearlessence Aloe and Green Tea Hydrating Face mist. I used it as a toner, as it says in the bottle: “use after cleanser.” (That is a rough quote). I love the smell of it (I feel like I am going to be writing about smells a lot form now on). The scent is very present but now powerful, and two sprays covers whole face. Dries quickly.

Sidenote: this came in a gift set, and so I do not know what the actual size of a regular bottle is. Dries quickly.


Burt’s Bee Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water with Clary Sage. Used specifically after cleansing and toning. Barely has a scent, and the applicator allows for small drops. Perfect for better control on how much you want to use. Lightly soaked into a cotton pad and padded face (not rub). The speed of drying depends on exactly how hard you are pressing the pad on your face.

Step three: Serum

The Better Skin Co. Super H Serum. Can be used as either a substitute for moisturizer or with. Smells strangely like candy, but I don’t hate it. Applicator is easy to use and lets out small drops. Much better than the eye cream from the 3/31 night routine.

Feels thick when going on, but then dries smooth! Face feels fantastic, and I can see why you would not have to use moisturizer.

Step four: eye cream

I bought this a week ago, before getting serious about the blog. However, I did also buy this from TJ Maxx. Dirty Works Eye Cream, and the same people who made the cream cleanser I am using for this routine.

has a baby powder scent, but is weak. Spreads even on eye and you only needs a small amount. Feels soothing on eyes.

Step five: moisturizer (I did not find many moistuirzers at TJ Maxx, so I am using the one I have been using for the past month)

Pacifica Crystal Youth Gem Infused Face Lotion. It really does smell like watermelon….. AND I AM ALL FOR IT!

Have to apply a little thick to get all over face, but it feels great on skin.

Step six: Sunscreen

CeraVe Sunscreen spf 50. This brand was specifically recommended for those with oily skin. Feels like lotion and blends well. I only needed a little, and after blending there was no smell. No greasy feeling that you usually get with other sunscreens.

Bonus item #2

Energizing Vitamin C face mist. Can be used throughout the day, and you can spray it under or over makeup. (I will have to try that out in the future). Obviously, it smells like citrus (duh). Smells strong in bottle, but not so badly when sprayed on face. (I still would make sure your eyes were closed!).

Night Routine 3/31/2019

OK so….. last night I did my first real night routine than involved more than three steps. It was a lot easier than I thought, but I had to be careful and notice every little thing about each item I put on my face. I did skin tests on all serums, and no reaction. Awesome sauce!

Here’s my first routine: makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, extra treatment, and night cream.

First step: Makeup remover

YestoCotton: comforting micellar cleansing water. Yesterday as I had to go buy the items for this blog, I put on my usual full-face of makeup. So I really put this to the test. And it passed!

The scent of cotton was a nice clean smell that did not hurt the nose. It was easy to apply to cotton pads. Though the spray came out lightly. I used 4-5 pumps on the first cotton pad. Easily removed my eye makeup, with no irritation (and I was nervous about that!).

I ended up using 5 cotton pads to remove all of my makeup, but I will admit that I may have gone overboard. I wanted to make sure that it REALLY took off my makeup.

My face felt nice and smooth afterwards. No leftover residue and skin felt like I had just washed it.

Second step: Cleanser

Dirty Works Come Clean Creamy Cleanser. Has a very light mint smell. I really had to stick my nose in it to smell it! Only need a small amount on your hand. Has a wonderful tingly sensation when lathering it on my face.

washes off easily, and skin feels amazing.

Step three: toner

Shea Moisturizer African Black Soap Clarifying Problem Skin Toner (say that three times fast!). There is a strong smell if you take off the pump, and smell the bottle. However, no scent when sprayed (this may seem obvious, but I am just being thorough).

The spray feels so light that you almost can’t feel it on your face. I had to touch my face afterwards to feel the wetness. Did 4 spritz to be safe, though you really may only need 2-3. Dries very quick.

Step four: serum

SkinLab facial serum. No scent detected, and needed two pumps to do whole face. Feels thick, similar to lotion, but dries fast. I let this sit for several minutes in order to let it work through on my skin.

Unfortunately, I could feel this sitting on my face. Especially around mouth and neck. Maybe I did too much? Message me if you would like me to give it another try with lesser pumps!

Step five: eye serum


Hyaluronic Acid Deep-Hydro Eye Serum. I am going to be honest with you, nothing about the packaging made it appealing to me. The serum itself looks like something that shouldn’t be going on my face.

It smells very clinical and the applicator was too big. I put one drop on my hand and dipped my finger into it, before applying on my eyes. The only positive is that it dries fast, but I could feel it on my face and every time I blinked.

Step six: extra treatment (as needed)

Hydrogel Eyepatch with Aloe Vera. Under eye masks! scentless and must leave on for 15 minutes. It felt nice on face and had a cooling effect afterwards, but no noticeable difference when removed. Maybe I will switch this to the morning routine and see if that it helps better when waking up than going to bed. If anything, just a nice fun thing to do with friends, and the box comes with five pairs.

Step seven: night cream

Proctectole Nourishing Night Cream. Light smell of medicine and sunscreen. I dabbed it lightly on face and neck. Dries fast. Skin felt smooth and clean.

So out of the seven products I will continue to use the makeup remover, cleanser, and toner. The serum and eye cream were not quite what I was expecting, but I will give the serum a second chance if someone asks. I will try the night cream one more time, just to see what two days of doing it will have on my skin. If I like it again, I might continue doing it to see if there is any more long lasting results.