HI, I’m Tay!

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me!!

TayBunnyBlogs is a blog for me to write down anything that I want to know. Or think others should know too! This ranges from two sides of me: the nerdy and the fashionable. (I snorted when I wrote that)

I currently work for the an elementary school, and trying to get into the teaching world. Blogging is starting to become an outlet me for me to not only write down some serious thoughts, but also a lot of silly ones. Mostly silly.

This journey of blogging all started when I was looking for some side jobs two months ago. I bugged my friends endlessly telling them about these jobs I was trying. From trying to be an online tutor to trying to apply for transcription jobs. But every time, I felt one thing: fear. I would get so anxious, and self-doubt would fill me as I tried to apply to these things. And my dog dying did not help with these feelings of worthlessness.

Soooooo I kept trying other things, seeing if that feeling would go away. I ended up doing paid surveys, which are ok…..

They just don’t seem to be helping me get the money that they promised. Oh I made $37, woohoo, but that took me over a month to achieve. But Tay, don’t you work for the school system? Yes, yes I do. Thank you for remembering! Unfortunately, like many others, I do not have a job that pays well. I still live at home, because I cannot even afford the cheapest rent in my area.

So…… I pushed my way through finding side jobs that would click. All the articles had great lists and instructions, and every single one mentioned starting a blog. Blogging? Me? Nah! But then I really started to think…. you know? why not? So here I am! Just trying to get myself out in the world, and becoming more financially dependent.

I have a wide range of ideas to put on this blog, and so far the real research I have done is skin care! I have extremely oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin. But when you don’t get paid a lot finding nice products for a deal can be HARD. And then I read about TJ Maxx, and I actually went over there to look. Sure enough, I saw brand names items at cheap prices (always check to see if they have been left untouched in the boxes). And the idea of my first blog post came to mind, and I knew I was going to do it.

I have ideas regarding school and my hobbies as well, and they are in the works. But for now, I am working on the skin care thing first as I have already starting the research on that!

Now, this blog will one day have a wide range of things on what I like. What do I like? Well…… besides getting active in skin care, I also enjoy trying out makeup. I really need to experiment with makeup too, in order to see if my skin doesn’t break out. My less fashionable (but still cute) side is big into gaming. I have just started getting my baby cousin into gaming, and I am actively looking for games that I can comfortably let him enjoy( without fear of getting in trouble with his parents). I also collect FunkoPop figures and maybe one day I will share these. Lastly, I would like to list books that kids or adults can enjoy. I work with kids ok? I’m always thinking about my job!!!

Thank you for reading this post!